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Critical Museology

Since beginning my work in museums in 1985, I have continually felt jolted and delighted by these strange startling, anachronistic and unique institutions and by the motivations of the collectors, artists, scholars and descendant communities who make them possible.

2016-01-05 Anthony - Olympus - Import Ja
2016-01-05 Anthony - Olympus - Import Ja
2016-01-05 Anthony - Olympus - Import Ja
2016-01-05 Anthony - Olympus - Import Ja
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In the mid 1980s, when I began working in museums, there were only a few analytical books on museology, Robert Lumley's The Museum Time Machine, along with Peter Vergo’s The New Museology, and Michael Ames Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes, were the only ones, I was then aware of. Eduardo Paolozzi’s Lost Magic Kingdoms exhibition (1985) at the Museum of Mankind made plain the arbitrary nature of museum classifications and drew my interest to better understanding how and why museums worked, what they do, the imaginaries at their centre, and how they are related to memory, forgetting and political ideology. I gave my first paper on museums, Lautréamont in the House of Fictions, at Brian Durrans' international conference, Making Representations of Ourselves in around 1986. Since then, I have written more than fifty articles on museums and articulated a methodological program for what I call critical museology in my 2013 article, Critical Museology. A Manifesto and in the entry under Critical Museology in the 2020 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.  


In 2017, with Gwyneira Isaac and Diana Marsh, I helped organize the first World Museologies Workshop, hosted by the Universidad IberoAmerica in Mexico City on the subject of Museums and Migrations. This was followed by a second workshop in 2019 co-organized with Laura Osorio and Motoi Suzuki at the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka on Exhibitions and Interruptions. The third workshop planned in 2019 for 2020 but interrupted by the world pandemic was to focus on museums and extinction. This will now be rescheduled for 2021. The World Museologies Workshops are small gatherings of about 20 museologists and museum practitioners from different parts of the world intended to promote dialogues between Anglophone and other schools of museology which have until now largely been ignored by English speakers. One of my chief interests has been in German, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican and Brazilian schools of museology, which have been included in my taught courses since 2004.

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